Having the right tools for your projects can make a world of difference. Everyone can likely relate to the struggle of having to guesstimate something or use a tool you have for something other than what it was intended for. Even though we are experienced in home renovation and home improvement, even we have had to make a tool work for a job it wasn’t meant for, simply because we weren’t fully prepared for the project. So let’s take a look at the 5 tools that every DIYer should have.

#1. Claw Hammer

Hammers have a lot of practical applications, but traditionally, you are going to need them if you are nailing anything together. There is no better tool than a claw hammer for nailing things, but the claw is also handy for prying things apart.

#2. Tape Measure

No matter what kind of project that you are going to get into, there is very likely measurements involved. You should invest in a quality tape measure that is going to last, and that is easy for you to read even in low lighting situations (such as under a sink).

#3. Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Wrenches are also good for a lot of different areas of home improvement and repair. Bolts, pipes, nuts, and more all usually require a wrench to tighten into place. While you can certainly benefit from a set of wrenches and sockets instead, one adjustable crescent wrench is absolutely necessary.

#4. Saw

Cuts need to be made for many of your projects. Whether you are building a deck or putting tile flooring in your bathroom, you have to have a tool that can make quality cuts each and every time. Ideally, a standing table saw (with multiple blades) will suit the true DIY enthusiast the best, but you can get by for a time with just a circular saw.

#5. Multi-Head Screwdriver

Much like the adjustable wrench, there are multiple uses for screws in almost any project. While you can buy these screwdrivers in sets, you can likely save money by getting one ratcheting screwdriver with exchangeable bits. If you have a little extra in your budget, opt for a small cordless impact drill/driver. This takes all of the elbow grease out of these steps.

5 Tools You’ll Need When Doing Any DIY

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