Do you need a plumber?
The best way to find one is to ask for references in a hardware store or a house selling sanitary equipment.

Monday is our busiest day.
Dozens of women call us to correct the “jobs” that their husbands┬ácomplete over the weekend.

A frequent malfunction of the washing machine is the rupture of hoses.
It’s suggested you change those fragile rubber hoses for stainless steel hoses.

Do not put bricks, bottles or other objects in the toilet tank: they
prevent the normal discharge of water. Also, do not use tap water, as they corrode the pipe. Do not throw cotton, or feminine towels, or hairs, or diapers in the toilet. The only thing allowed is toilet paper.

The aromatizing tablets, hanging from the edge of the toilet, often cover the pipes:? The ideal situation is to place these pills inside the tank of the toilet.

Before you make any arrangements, ask me how much I am going to charge you, and pay for the repair, not for time. This is the best method on how to know if a plumber is ripping you off.

Loose hair can clog the pool in a matter of days.
To avoid this, put a hair trap, or have everyone at home clean the grid with a paper towel after combing. The soap can also cover the pipe, so try to use as little as possible.

To the average plumber, it will not be convenient for his clients to know that to change a body or a deposit they can resort to someone with less experience as the one in charge of the building or the friend’s hardware store, without needing to call the expert; although sometimes, the good predisposition ends up worsening the picture: a tool falls or they tighten a key and break something that was working. Nor will it be convenient for the customer to know that several brands of taps offer a guarantee.

What You Need To Consider About Plumbers

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